Trial Sanctioning

  • The NCA sanctions four classes: Open, Nursery, Intermediate, and Novice.
  • The NCA charges a sanctioning fee of $5.00 for each dog or dog/handler team that runs in a sanctioned class during the regular trial year.
  • All NCA sanctioned trials are posted to the NCA event calendar, which can be found HERE.
  • A trial sanctioning application must be submitted to the NCA office no less than two weeks before the trial date in order to be accepted for NCA sanctioning. If trial sanctioning is applied for less than two weeks prior to the trial date, Board approval is required.
  • The sanctioning application can be submitted online HERE, or by contacting the NCA office at or 970-224-2437.
  • The eligibility requirements and rules for each class are described on the ‘Classes’ page.
  • It is not necessary for all NCA sanctioned classes to be offered in order to have the trial qualify for sanctioning.
  • Trials may also include additional non-sanctioned classes. The qualifications for non-sanctioned classes are left up to the trial host. Please contact the trial host for details about any non-sanctioned classes.
  • Results of all sanctioned trials will be published on the NCA website.
  • Qualifying points for the NCA National Finals and the NCA Regional Finals are posted on the NCA website.
  • No more than two (2) sanctioned classes of each type (Open, Nursery, Intermediate, or Novice) may be held per day in a trial.
  • A handler may enter as many dogs in an NCA sanctioned class as is allowed by the local trial host. However, only the top four placing dogs in the class who are all run by the same handler will be listed in the NCA posting of results and will count toward the number of NCA points available in the class.
    • For example, if there are 10 dogs in an NCA sanctioned class and six of those dogs are run by a single handler, only the four highest placing dogs run by that handler will be included in the results and the NCA will consider it to be  a class of eight dogs, with points awarded accordingly.

Event Insurance

  • The NCA provides commercial general liability coverage for NCA sanctioned events. This insurance is written through Talisman Causality Insurance Co, LLC, Kennel Pro.
  • If you would like to have your event/ facility listed as an additional insured on our policy, please contact the office with the event name, the facility address and the dates that coverage is needed.
  • If you need further information about our insurance policy, please contact the NCA office at 970-224-2437 or
  • If you simply need a a copy of the current insurance policy, it can be found on the ‘Administration’ tab of the main menu, or it can be printed or downloaded from HERE.


NCA Sample Waiver

Copy and paste to insert the following language into your entry form. Be sure to insert the name of your event in the first line.

    • In consideration of being permitted to participate in the (Your Event Name), (hereafter referredto as the “Event”), I hereby release, waive, discharge, and agree to hold harmless the National Cattledog Association, any/all members associated with this trial, and volunteers and their agents, from any loss, liability, damages, or costs that might occur due to my participation in the Event or my presence in or upon the property used in connection with the Event. My payment and signature below acknowledge that I have read this and that I accept full responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of any damages caused by me, or any animals owned by me or in my care, to the premises, other animals and/or individual persons or groups, including, but not limited to, actual veterinary or hospital costs and/or full market value of any animal seriously injured or killed by me, or any animals owned by me or in my care. I further acknowledge that this is a release of all liability, including asserted negligence and is a contract I am signing of my own free will.

After Your Trial

What to do after your trial:

  • Send your trial results for all NCA sanctioned classes to the NCA office via regular mail or email. You can easily upload your trial results directly to the NCA office HERE.
  • Trial results can be submitted in whatever format you wish (PDF, JPG, spreadsheet, Word document, or hand written). We just ask that they be legible so that no mistakes are made in posting results and assigning points.
  • Please include the trial name, the trial date, the class name, the handlers’ first and last names, the name of the dog that was run, and the placings for the class. We need this information for all handlers/dogs that run in a class, not just the handlers/dogs that placed.
  • NCA qualifying points will be calculated by the NCA office when the results are received. There is no need for you to calculate the class points when you send in your results.
  • If you have ANY questions about dog or handler class eligibility, class requirements, or sanctioning fees, please contact an NCA Director or the NCA office BEFORE paying your fees.
  • Let the NCA office know if you are sending the sanctioning fees with your trial results, or if you would like to be invoiced for the amount due. You can contact the NCA office at 970-224-2437 or
    • If your trial is co-sanctioned with another association, please be aware that their year-end date may differ from that of the NCA and as a result, some Nursery dogs or Novice and Intermediate handlers may not be eligible for the NCA class in which they ran at your trial.
  • If you would like to pay your sanctioning fees online, it can be done HERE.
    • Please note that NCA sanctioning fees are due for all runs in an NCA sanctioned class, regardless of whether the handler is a NCA member.
  • Send in the information and payment for any new NCA memberships that were received and paid during your trial.
  • Please encourage all first year Novice handlers to fill out the online application for their free membership so we are able to include them on the mailing lists for the NCA newsletter and notices from the NCA office.