Standards of Conduct for NCA Sanctioned Trials

The following are not permitted at NCA sanctioned events:

  • Inappropriate language or conduct, including social media, directed at the judge, trial secretary, timekeeper, course director, or any other trial official, or NCA Board of Directors. Handlers may contact the course director in a courteous manner for a clarification of a rule or the accuracy of a score sheet in a timely manner that does not interfere with the competition.
  • Inappropriate language or inappropriate conduct, including social media, directed at fellow event participants or spectators will not be tolerated. All competitors and NCA members are expected to show exemplary sportsmanship at all times.
  •  There shall be no tampering with or attempting to alter competition livestock, the draw, and/or trial course facilities.
  • Inhumane treatment of dogs or livestock on the trial field, grounds, or other public areas will not be tolerated
  • Any and all physical threats by any handler will be taken seriously. If any trial host or NCA official feel the situation is out of control the police or other such authorities will be called immediately.
  • Primary penalties may be enforced immediately and can be enforced by the class judge, class scribe, course director, local organization director, NCA director and the trial host or any others affiliated with the trial while working with the trial host. All of which penalties will not supersede or overrule the trial host. The trial host has last say of the enforcement of these penalties. Primary penalties include warning, loss of points, disqualification of specific run, expulsion from the event, forfeiture of all entry fees and prize monies, membership to NCA revoked with full membership refund, and anything deemed able to rectify situation.
  • If any member of the NCA feels that this code of conduct has been broken and feels the local organization did not handle in the best interest of the NCA or a more severe punishment is warranted to the offense a written grievance can be filed with the NCA and submitted to all board members within (7) days of the offense. A $100 check will be included with the grievance. The president shall appoint a Director close to the region that will in turn select a committee to investigate the problem. The committee will include the chairman and (5) other non-Board of Director members. When the findings are complete the committee chairman will provide findings and committees suggested penalties to board and the board will review the findings. The investigation committee has (14) days or the next meeting to return to board with findings unless extension of time is granted by president. If the grievance was filed inappropriately the NCA retains the $100. If the grievance is a valid case the check will be returned.
  • Penalties for violations may include a warning either verbal or in writing, the loss of points, disqualification of specific run, expulsion from the event, forfeiture of all entry fees and prize monies, voiding of membership privileges, and/or any other sanctions deemed appropriate the NCA Board of Directors. Every effort should be made by the NCA Board of Directors carefully investigate and consult with all parties involved in each case prior to imposing penalties. NCA Board of Directors will give local host every effort to correct or sanction any of this behavior. At no point will NCA overstep the local organizations unless requested by the local organization.

NCA Board of Directors Code of Ethics

  • Directors have an obligation to the members and the mission of the NCA to always act with integrity, dignity, and be accountable to each other for our actions and words.  A positive, affable attitude should always be exercised when discussing board business and a positive unified message presented in regard to all board decisions.  Directors should have a kind, helpful, attitude toward people and animals that places the success and mission of the NCA above their own competitive success.
  • A committee of three directors appointed by the NCA Board President will investigate allegations of misconduct against a director.  The investigation should be discreet and conducted immediately.  Investigations should be concluded in thirty days. Committee findings should be reported to the full board at the next regular meeting.  Committee finding details should never be disclosed outside of a board meeting. 
  • The board may penalize actions by any director that reflect negatively upon the NCA by a two-thirds vote of the full board.  Penalties available to the board include a n unpublished warning, a public vote of censure, removal from committee positions, removal from board office position, removal from the board, or revocation of membership.   Penalty for any offense should be commensurate to the misconduct and there should be a high bar of evidence of misconduct.