NCA Trial Sanctioning

The NCA sanctions six classes: Open, Nursery, Intermediate, Novice, Intermediate Horseback, and Open Horseback

The NCA charges a sanctioning fee of $5.00 for each qualified dog or dog/handler team run in a sanctioned class during the regular trial year.

The eligibility requirements and rules for each class are described on the trial classes and rules on the website.

It is not necessary for all NCA sanctioned classes to be offered in order to have the trial qualify for sanctioning.

Trials may also include additional non-sanctioned classes. The qualifications for non-sanctioned classes are left up to the trial host.

Results of all sanctioned trials will be published on the NCA website.

No more than two (2) sanctioned classes of each type (Open, Nursery, Intermediate, Novice, Int HB, and Open HB) may be held per day in a trial.

A handler may enter as many dogs in an NCA sanctioned class as is allowed by the local trial host. However, only the top four placing dogs in the class will be listed in the NCA posting of results and will count toward the number of NCA points available in the class.

(For example, if in a sanctioned class, there are 14 dogs, 8 of which are being run by a single handler, the NCA will consider the class to be a class of 10 and will omit the four lowest placing dogs run by that handler from the results.)

Event Insurance

The NCA provides commercial general liability coverage for NCA sanctioned events. This insurance is written through Talisman Causality Insurance Co, LLC, Kennel Pro.

If you would like to have your event/ facility listed as an additional insured on our policy, please contact the office with the event name, the facility address and the dates that coverage is needed.

If you would like further information, please contact the NCA office.

What To Do After Your Trial

Send the NCA office, via mail, email, or fax, the results for each sanctioned class. Please include the class name, the handlers’ first and last name, the name of the dog that was run, and the placings for the class. We need this information for all handlers/dogs that run in a class, not just the handlers/dogs that placed. RESULTS AND FEES ARE EXPECTED WITHIN 3 WEEKS OF YOUR TRIAL.

Let the office know if your are sending the sanctioning fees with your trial results, or if you would like to be invoiced for the amount due.

(Please note that sanctioning fees are due for all runs where the dog or handler meets the qualifications for the NCA class being run, regardless of whether the handler is a NCA member.)

If you have ANY questions about dog/handler eligibility, class requirements, or sanctioning fees, please contact a Director or the NCA office before paying your fees.

Send in the information for any new NCA memberships that were received during your trial.

If you would like further information, please contact the NCA office.