2014 National Finals Champions


Champions: Jeff Mundorf & Stash
Reserve Champions: Keith Gilleon & Rockin G Roc

Open Horseback

Champions: Robin Dillon & Slick
Reserve Champions: Tim Gifford & Jean


Champions: Steve Knipmeyer & SK Pete
Reserve Champions: Lyle East & Mo


Champions: Bill Rivers & Buz
Reserve Champions: Eddie Merritt & Joey

Intermediate Horseback

Champions: Steve Wight & Levi
Reserve Champions: Randall Walker & Zorro

NCA FAQS & Facts

This is a new feature of the NCA website where we will attempt to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the NCA, cattledogs and cattledog trialing and to provide some relevant facts. Please let us know if you have questions that you think might make good subjects for this feature.

Our first FAQ:

FAQ: Many NCA trials, particularly the NCA National Finals, use cattle that have often been worked extensively with dogs in preparation for the trial. Others advertise trials for which the cattle have been worked little, if at all, with dogs and claim that these cattle are, therefore, “fresh” as if this makes for a better trial. What's the story?



The National Cattledog Association (NCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The NCA was incorporated in December of 2011 and began operations in January of 2012. Its members, which are from 31 states and Canada, are primarily ranchers, cattledog handlers and cattledog breeders. The NCA was founded to:

1. Educate ranchers as to the value of well trained cattledogs for humane, low stress cattle handling through demonstrations, clinics and public cattledog competitions (trials),

2. Assist ranchers in obtaining well trained cattledogs and in learning to use them for efficient, humane and low stress cattle handling,

3. Foster amateur athletic competition by sanctioning cattledog trials and hosting and managing a National Cattledog Association National Finals,

4. Assist members and other breeders in marketing cattledogs by providing venues for demonstrating the abilities of their dogs.

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