Afton, WY

June 14-18, 2017

Nursery Class 2017

At their meeting on May 9, 2017, the NCA Board voted to allow all 36 dogs entered in the 2017 NCA Nursery Class Finals to run in that class.

Intermediate Move-up at Finals

Also at the May meeting, the Board voted to amend the Intermediate Finals Move-up Rule (which previously required the top 8 teams at the Finals to move to Open). The amended rule requires only that the top 40% of the teams running in the final run move up.

For 2017, there are 39 Intermediate teams entered. Therefore, 16 teams will run in the final run and 6 teams will move to Open.

Collar Rule

Also at the May meeting, the Board voted to rescind the no collar rule, which was implemented last year. Competing dogs will be allowed to wear collars. Handlers are reminded that training aids (including non-standard collars of any type) are not permitted and scorers may ask for inspection any dogs about which they have question.

Run Orders





All obstacles in the Finals courses will be selected from these.



BAER Testing at the Finals

The ABCA Health and Education Foundation is offering free BAER (hearing) testing Thursday and Friday at the Finals. Dogs must be ABCA registered and provide a sample for DNA testing to help identify the genetic cause of Early Onset Adult Deafness (EOAD) in Border Collies. A veterinarian at the trial will take the sample. Handlers or owners must complete a questionaire and provide the dog's ABCA number or a copy of the registration paper (preferred). Dogs do not need to be entered in the trial to be tested.

Questionnaire and more information


Field – Open First Preliminary (50 runs)

Field – Nursery First Preliminary (30 runs)
Arena – Intermediate First Preliminary (45 runs)

Field – Open Second Preliminary (50 runs)
Arena – Intermediate Second Preliminary (45 runs)

Field – Nursery Second Preliminary (30 runs)
Field - Intermediate Final (18 runs)

Field – Nursery Final (12 runs)
Field - Open Final (20 runs)

NCA Regional Finals


South Central

West Coast


South East


Qualifying Points



South East

West Coast

South Central


North East

To compete in NCA Regional Finals, handlers must be current NCA members

NCA Board News

Board meeting 2/16/17

Director resignation. The Board voted, regretfully and with appreciation for his service, to accept the resignation of Tom Blasdell.

Bylaws amendment. The Board voted to recommend to the NCA members that the NCA Bylaws be amended to reduce the number of NCA districts from seven to six (the original number) and to eliminate the Canada district, the Canada district Director position and one at large Director position.

The Board feels that the Canada district is too large, including as it does the entire country of Canada, and would be better served by being divided and associated with the US districts which border Canada (North East, Midwest, Mountain and West Coast). Making this change at this time is particularly appropriate, since no currently serving Directors would need to lose their positions. Tom Blasdell, an at-large Director, has resigned and Campbell Forsyth, the current Canada Director, will be appointed to that seat. In addition, there is one other at-large Director position up for election this year and the sitting Director, Anna Guthrie, has decided not to seek reelection.

This Bylaws change effectively returns the NCA Board to its original size (nine Directors) and allows the Board to determine region boundaries to take account of changes in the distribution of members. Region boundaries, aside from Canada, have never been specifically described in NCA Bylaws.

Ballots will be sent soon. Please respond quickly.

Finals schedule. The Board voted to approve a schedule for the 2017 National Finals (see below).

Bylaws interpretation. The Board voted to interpret Article IV Section 3 of the Bylaws: "Nothing contained herein shall preclude a member of the Board of Directors from succeeding himself or herself, except that no person shall consecutively serve more than two three-year terms." to mean "two elected three year terms." This interpretation affects only founding Directors.

NCA Video


The National Cattledog Association (NCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The NCA was incorporated in December of 2011 and began operations in January of 2012. Its members, which are from 31 states and Canada, are primarily ranchers, cattledog handlers and cattledog breeders. The NCA was founded to:

1. Educate ranchers as to the value of well trained cattledogs for humane, low stress cattle handling through demonstrations, clinics and public cattledog competitions (trials),

2. Assist ranchers in obtaining well trained cattledogs and in learning to use them for efficient, humane and low stress cattle handling,

3. Foster amateur athletic competition by sanctioning cattledog trials and hosting and managing a National Cattledog Association National Finals,

4. Assist members and other breeders in marketing cattledogs by providing venues for demonstrating the abilities of their dogs.

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