Cheyenne, WY

June 13-17, 2018

Update - January

The NCA Board has made several decisions with respect to the 2018 National Finals:

Horseback class. There will be a horseback class in 2018. It will be an arena class open to 25 competitors.

Entries will be accepted from handlers with points in any NCA sanctioned class (Open, Nursery and Intermediate). Competing in the Finals Horseback class will not require Intermediate teams to move to Open. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis except that priority will be given to those handlers who have earned NCA points in a Horseback class.

Class sizes. Class sizes for the 2018 National Finals will be:

  • Open - 50 dogs
  • Nursery - 30 dogs
  • Intermediate - 35 teams
  • Horseback - 25 dogs

Intermediate Move-up The top two point earning handlers from the qualifying year and the top two placing handlers at the National Finals will be required to move to Open.

Note that handlers moving up at the beginning of the 2018-2019 qualifying year (by choice or by rule) may compete in Open classes between April 1, 2018 and the Finals and still retain eligibility to compete in the Intermediate class at the 2018 Finals.

Schedule. The 2018 NCA National Finals Trial Schedule is shown below (printable version available here)

The Open class preliminary runs are being held on Wednesday and Thursday to coordinate with a rodeo being held on the fairgrounds Friday. A complete schedule of events being held during the Finals, including a handler dinner and the 2018 NCA Annual Meeting, is being developed.


January - February 2018

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NCA Board News

Board meeting 9/18/17

Horseback Class
The Board voted to include a Horseback Class in the 2018 Finals. Details are to be developed later.

Cumulative Scoring
The Board voted unanimously to make scoring for the 2018 Finals cumulative over the two preliminary runs and the final run.

The Board voted publish the NCA newsletter on the NCA website and Facebook page after it has been sent to members.

Director resignations
The Board voted to accept, with regret, the resignations of Steve Wight and Jennifer Quinton.


Afton, WY

June 14-18, 2017



Champion: Keith Gilleon - Rockin G Reo

Reserve: Keith Gilleon - Rockin G Roc


Champion: Brian Jacobs - GS Romel

Reserve: Jimmy Walker - Dave


Champion: Eli Eastman - Jane

Reserve: Rick Morgan - Roper

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NCA Regional Finals


South Central

West Coast


South East



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The National Cattledog Association (NCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The NCA was incorporated in December of 2011 and began operations in January of 2012. Its members, which are from 31 states and Canada, are primarily ranchers, cattledog handlers and cattledog breeders. The NCA was founded to:

1. Educate ranchers as to the value of well trained cattledogs for humane, low stress cattle handling through demonstrations, clinics and public cattledog competitions (trials),

2. Assist ranchers in obtaining well trained cattledogs and in learning to use them for efficient, humane and low stress cattle handling,

3. Foster amateur athletic competition by sanctioning cattledog trials and hosting and managing a National Cattledog Association National Finals,

4. Assist members and other breeders in marketing cattledogs by providing venues for demonstrating the abilities of their dogs.

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