Prairieland Cowdog Trial

Saskatoon, SK, Canada
April 23-24, 2016
Hosted by Jolie Vermette and Peter Gonnet

OPEN – Day 1 – 1

OPEN – Day 1 – 2

1Campbell ForsythGusto2401Jared EppRex
2Steven RosvoldBelle1402Steven RosvoldBelle140
3Steven RosvoldRoy403Steven RosvoldRoy40
4Campbell ForsythMeg4Stacey RosvoldTess
5Hans MyhreFinn5Hans MyhreFinn
5Stacey RosvoldTess5Campbell ForsythMeg
5Jared EppRex7Campbell ForsythGusto
8Campbell ForsythCraig7Campbell ForsythCraig

OPEN – Day 2 – 1

OPEN – Day 2 – 2

1Juan ReyesJR Zak4501Campbell ForsythCraig450
2Juan ReyesJR Meg3502Steven RosvoldBelle350
3Juan ReyesJR Spot2503Juan ReyesJR Zak250
4Steven RosvoldRoy1504Hans MyhreFinn150
5Campbell ForsythMeg505Stacey RosvoldTess50
6Jared EppRex6Campbell ForsythGusto
7Campbell ForsythCraig7Steven RosvoldRoy
8Steven RosvoldBelle8Juan ReyesJR Spot
9Stacey RosvoldTess9Juan ReyesJR Meg
10Campbell ForsythGusto10Jared EppRex
11Juan ReyesJR Dollar11Juan ReyesJR Dollar
12Jolie VermetteKero12Sherry CreechGrace
13Peter GonnetBob13Jolie VermetteKero
14Hans MyhreFinn14Peter GonnetBob
15Sherry CreechGrace15Campbell ForsythMeg

NURSERY – Day 1 – 1

NURSERY – Day 1 – 2

1Hans MyhreGus1201Jolie VermetteKero120
2Campbell ForsythGusto202Campbell ForsythGusto20
3Jolie VermetteKero3Hans MyhreGus
4Dustin GonnetScot4Dustin GonnetScot

NURSERY – Day 2 – 1

NURSERY – Day 2 – 2

1Campbell ForsythGusto1501Juan ReyesJR Dollar150
2Hans MyhreGus502Jolie VermetteKero50
3Juan ReyesJR Dollar3Campbell ForsythGusto
4Juan ReyesJR Spot4Juan ReyesJR Spot
5Jolie VermetteKero5Hans MyhreGus
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